Corporate Attorney

Location: Herzliya

Full-time job



A well-established company, midsized High-Tech Startup, located in Herzliya, is looking for a Legal Assistant/Consultant for Support to the Corporate VP (immediate staffing).

A warm and caring group, with a lively spirit.

The purpose of the recruitment is to provide for in-house execution of work that is currently done by external legal counsel(s).

Your main role will be to provide expertise in corporate, contract and commercial law for an organization developing disruptive, cutting-edge technology, and assist the Corporate VP in overseeing the legal landscape of the organization’s activity.

You will interact with internal and external interfaces of the company and take part in building its legal-corporate infrastructure.

You will report to the Corporate VP.

The general office hours are from 09:00-18:00, while urgent matters will require working throughout some evenings and occasionally a couple of hours over the weekend.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Overseeing corporate governance

  • Drafting agreements at different levels of collaboration with third parties: NDAs, MTAs, Joint Development Agreements, Joint Ventures, Founders Agreements, Distribution Agreements, etc.

  • Ongoing legal support to various departments and personnel of the company.



  • Minimum 3-years’ experience in corporate law at the High-Tech industry, preferable experience in working with a junior/senior partner in a law firm that practices that area

  • Creative/flexible thinking and the ability to find/provide constructive solutions in real-time

  • High personal, professional, and ethical standards

  • English at a mother tongue level

  • Willingness to integrate with a unique team of a growing organization, excellent human relations


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